Do you accept trades?

While I have to decline most trades for practical reasons, sometimes I do accept trades for equivalent value items. Please feel free to ask, but I can’t guarantee it!

Will you donate a costume to our charity?

While I have to decline many charity requests for practical reasons, I try to consider as many as possible. Do you represent a registered 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization? Are you located in the United States and willing to provide up to date, notarized documentation? Please feel free to contact me!

Do you offer any discounts?

I offer a flat rate “artistic freedom” discount of $1900 for full costumes and $700 for heads. More information is available on my “terms” page. This is the only discount I offer.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Personal or business check, cashier’s check or money order, Paypal, and all major credit cards. I do not accept bank transfer or Western Union. All payments must be in USD.

Do you charge sales tax or any additional fees?

Residents of the state of Georgia are charged sales tax, which will be included in your estimate. There are no other fees of any kind.



I'm allergic to something! Do you have any allergen warnings?

LATEX: While I use no latex-based rubber products in any of my work, from time to time there is latex present in my work space. Those who are extremely sensitive to latex should let me know before purchasing.

DOGS: While they don’t come in direct contact with any of my work, there are dogs present in my studio, and they do come in direct contact with me. Those who are extremely sensitive to dogs should not purchase from me.

FRAGRANCES: While I don’t apply any fragrances directly to any of my work or packaging materials, I do use scented products in my studio. Those who are extremely sensitive to fragrances should let me know before purchasing.

Is that real fur?

No, it is not. I use only faux furs.

How do you make a costume?

Sadly, I haven’t had much time to create any tutorials lately. If you’re interested in seeing construction photos and reading costume-making advice, you should follow me on Instagram!

Where do you buy your fur?

I really like a costume in your gallery. Can you make one just like it for me?

I can’t, no. Every costume in my gallery is a one of a kind creation. Many of the designs belong to the costume’s owner and are not mine to recreate. Even with cosplay suits, I cannot/will not make two identical costumes, and will interpret the character in my style at the time.


How do I place an order?

Click the SHOP link above to see what items I have in stock and check out through the Etsy Shop interface. For a custom order, you can send me an email via the CONTACT link above. More information on the order process is on the TERMS page.

Do I have to provide a body cast / duct tape dummy of myself to get a costume from you?

Duct tape dummies are required for any full costumes that involve body padding or leg padding. For all other full costumes, a DTD is highly encouraged, but not required. I can work off of measurements alone.

Did you get my email?

Yes, I almost certainly did. Please allow at least 24 hours for me to reply to you before you send any additional messages. Additional messages will be discarded and may be flagged as spam. I try to be very quick about confirming messages, but sometimes there are delays in the email forwarding service or I am not available to answer you instantly.

Do you ship to my country?

Yep! I will ship absolutely anywhere in the world, including to all APO/FPO locations.


Where are you located?

I work out of and ship from Athens, Georgia, in the US.

Can I come to your studio?

Sorry, but the answer to this is no! I work out of a private studio without a retail storefront.

Are you hiring? What about an intern?

Sorry, no! I’m not currently seeking any assistance.

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